M-series cnc router

Digital milling machine / CNC router (router) of the professional type for machining wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals. Appreciated for the robustness of its structure, this CNC router is versatile, suitable for a multitude of applications and can be increased with a wide choice of options.


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Versatile mid-size CNC router:

  • Machine with table, gantry and steel frame
  • Mechanical-welded structure
  • Stepper motorization or servo motor choice
  • 1.5kW to 3.5kW spindle with cooling system
  • Collet chuck for clamping tools type ER11 to ER32
  • Table with T-slots for fixing your parts
  • Prismatic linear guide rails on X, Y and Z axes for better rigidity
  • X, Y and Z axis drive by ball screw
  • Z tool probe to automatically calibrate your tool height
  • Choice of power supply: single-phase 220V or three-phase 400V

Additional options available:

  • Auto Tool Changer
  • Vacuum table to hold your parts without clamping
  • 2.2kW pump with filter and suction system for downdraft table
  • Vacuum and chip collector
  • Servos on all 3 axes
  • Control interface with joystick
  • Part Lubrication System with Cutting Oil
  • 4th rotary axis for manufacturing parts by rotation
To this can be added all the custom modifications as well as our services.

The strengths of this CNC router:

  • Precise and easy-to-use CNC router with many customization possibilities.
  • Designed and manufactured for intensive professional use.
  • Machining of plate materials in sectors as varied as aeronautics, plastics and composites, precision mechanics, aluminum processing, advertising and POS, etc.
  • Equipment with fixed table with usable format 600×1200 mm and available in special execution.
  • Innovative and efficient vacuum plates with vacuum pump technology.
  • CNC numerical controls operating in ISO code (G-code and M-code).
  • Quality kinematics incorporating industrial components supplied by world leaders in their field, mounted on mechanically welded and stabilized steel frames.
  • Business options adapted to the current needs of customers in each business sector.

Some of the materials that can be used:

(depending on the electrospindle and the tool chosen)

  • Plastics in rigid sheets (PMMA-PC-PS-PVC-ABS..)
  • Expanded plastics and alveolar sheets
  • Rigid foams (PU-PS-…)
  • Semi-rigid foams
  • Composite materials for building
  • Composite materials for industry (fiberglass-filled polyester resin, carbon fiber, etc.)
  • Wood and derivatives
  • Polyester resins
  • Aluminium-based or copper-based light alloys
  • In engraving only: soft stones, marble, granite etc…

Some components of this cnc router:

Linear tool magazine

Magazine for 4 to 16 of ISO30 type tool holders. The change of tools automatic will accelerate your production rate by avoiding the tool change downtime.

Magasin porte-outils fraiseuse cnc router cnc ATC changeur d'outil automatique commande numérique LUQUE Machines
Broche pour fraiseuse cnc router cnc

2.2 kW spindle with automatic tool changer

A 2.2 kW spindle with air cooling system to guarantee the safety of the component while ensuring good cutting performance. Its simple design and
rational gives it power and reliability.

Guide rails

Prismatic guide rails placed and fixed to the frame horizontally to support the entire weight of the bridge and provide the support necessary for the rigidity of your milling machine. The carriages are equipped with patented high-performance automatic lubrication systems allowing optimal sliding and extended life.

rail de guidage prismatique HIWIN
vis à billes pour fraiseuse cnc router à commandes numériques

Ball screw drive

Ball screws convert the rotary motion of motors into translation on an axis. This system makes it possible to transmit significant forces, to offer high positioning precision and to guarantee foolproof reliability.

Stepper motors or servo motors

NEMA34 stepper motors with Leadshine M860H drivers included in the base version deliver plenty of torque during X, Y, and Z feeds.
Faster and more precise than stepper motors, servo motors are able to perform your machining operations without stalling. Their operation also reduces vibrations and avoids gaps during cutting while preserving your machine.

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